Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Green Revolution

It is beginning, and it will make its way into the human mind; our conscious and our conscience. It is changing the way we eat, act, live. It’s changing the market that (if you are new to Rhodes you will soon learn) is running our everyday lives. And if, finally out of school and fresh on the scene, you thought you were the decision maker in your life, take it from me (so as to ease the shock when you hear it from a certain history lecturer later): you are not. But you can be. Yes, it is upon us in a greater way than it has ever been before. Welcome...to the Green Revolution.

We are privileged to live in this time; the near maxing out of our dear planet Earth. If it’s not dolphin and whale slaughter off the Asian coastline or the last reserves of global oil, then it’s the low water levels and failed crop, perhaps even the Grahamstown weather pattern. Actually, no, let’s leave Gtown out of this. But the privilege I preach before you all is that of opportunity. We are fortunate enough to be the youth of this infected world; the upcoming revolutionaries at the forefront of the green movement - and what a project to undertake.

So welcome to Rhodes 2010, where your ‘identity’, ‘culture’ and/or belief in global warming (if in anything at all) may well be scrutinised, where dreadlocked and barefooted individuals might try to sell you vegetables; or where proud activists will tape your mouth shut and tie you to a tree. A place where the rain could just as easily be right around the corner, filling the dams and rivers, and watering those veggies with the hope of a sustainable future in the making. Welcome to a team of young and passionate, liberal purple people who, together, can see things change for the good.

Now put your conscience to rest and jump the hell on board the environmental train, the green revolution (and I don’t just mean backing the Boks!). Even if it’s just by reading this section today, or smelling the incoming rains tomorrow; otherwise find yourself left behind to rot along with what you thought was sustainable living. It’s up to us –let’s do the decision making now.

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